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Tree Planting

Plant a tree today for a more beautiful tomorrow.

Why Plant Trees

Trees can enhance your landscape design and act as a focal point that brings it all together. They are an investment in both your own future and the future of your property. From providing a new wildlife habitat to shading your home and property from the hot, mid-summer sun, tree planting now gives you years of enjoyment as time goes on. Our I.S.A. Certified Arborists® can help you plan your landscape design with trees that are native to the Twin Cities area.


When to Plant

Planting a tree is an investment that starts with planting during the growing season — the best time is May-October when there is ample rainfall. This provides the time for roots to begin establishment before the dormant season begins. Ample water and mulch helps the tree conserve water and keeps the roots cool and moist as it matures into a beautiful landscape asset. Before you plant a tree, consider the following:

  • Is it compatible with my climate and location?
  • Are there any underground cables or pipes near the planting site?
  • When the tree is grown, will it interfere with power lines or buildings?

Questions about tree planting? We are here to help! Contact Davey today.


The services are always exceptional. A neighbor and I both had our trees trimmed on the same day and they looked amazing afterward! I have had a tree treated annually for insects and the service provider was very knowledgeable and took the time to provide a detailed explanation. I am very pleased with this company and continue to use their services whenever I have tree or landscaping projects.

Alina - Minneapolis

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